District 6 Staff

Scott Crozier-  District Administrator   (602) 318-6859 Email

Jack Krawczyk-   Assistant District Administrator  (480) 527-1509 Email

Tony Abraham-   Assistant District Administrator         (480) 332-2050           Email

Rene Salazar Assistant District Administrator              (480) 695-4700

Greg Burton- Umpire In Chief  (UIC)            Email



Responsibilities of the District Administrator:
The D.A. has been elected by the League Presidents to serve the operational needs of the district and is expected to understand the tasks that must be accomplished to move the district forward.

The Role of the District Administrator:
The D.A. is the liaison between the local leagues, the regional center, and Little League International.

Appointing Assistant District Administrators:
No D.A. is expected to manage a District without help. It is important to choose wisely, selecting volunteers to serve on the District Staff.


The District Administrator’s goal is to provide quality leadership and oversight for the district. This is best done by cultivating an open line of communication with each local League President and the league’s Board of Directors. Part of the service element of the District Administrator is to be responsive to concerns and inquiries of each local league in the district as well as the Regional Center. This is probably one of the most overlooked, but important responsibilities of the District Administrator. This responsiveness extends beyond regularly scheduled district meetings.

The International Tournament is another critical component of the Little League® program. It would be impossible to conduct the number of games in the number of divisions without the help of the District Administrators and staffs. Their role in the tournament is crucial. Responsible for the preparation, administration, guidance, and oversight at the district, and/or section and state levels as assigned, the District Administrator provides a valuable service to the leagues and community.


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